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The Language of Flowers

 The Language of Flowers 

Flowers have been used throughout the ages to communicate emotions, feelings and desires.  Some cultures raised the meaning of flowers to an art form, allowing people to convey messages without having to speak or write.
For many centuries, the colors of flowers have had specific meanings. While these meanings have varied from country to country and region to region, here are the most common meanings which we use today and can assist you in your choice of roses.
RED: Passion/Romance/Courage/Congratulations
PINK: Appreciation/Caring/Harmony/Perfect Happiness
WHITE: Loyalty/Integrity/Sympathy/Eternal Love
YELLOW: Friendship/Happiness/New Beginning/GetWell
The Meaning of Combinations
Color combinations also have some meaning.  Some cultures were very specific about the meaning of color combinations. The more popular color combinations are Red/White, Pink/White, Orange/Yellow, and Mixed Bouquets. Some of these also may assist with your choice.
RED/WHITE: Abiding Love/Unity/Teamwork
PINK/WHITE: Desirefor harmony/Genuine Sympathy
PINK/LAVENDER: Great admiration/Hope for the future 
LAVENDER/WHITE: Reconciliation/Let’s do better/I’m sorry
ORANGE/YELLOW: Fun friendship/Great partnership
ORANGE/RED: Good Work/Congratulations/Thanks
GREEN/YELLOW: Go for it/Make it happen/Future Success
MIXED BOUQUET: Abundance of feelings/So much to say 



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