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Flower Care

 Flower Care

1.    Once flowers are received, bring indoors right away.  Make sure you keep your flowers away from heat and direct sunlight. 


2.   After a couple of days it will be time to change the water.  Remove the flowers from the vase and remove the old water.   


3.    Cut the stems diagonally under running water about 1 inch.  This keeps air bubbles from going up the stem and blocking the flow of water to the stem and to the head of the flower. 


4.    Fill a vase with room temperature water and mix a packet of the floral food provided with your delivery.  Add the flowers right away one they are trimmed.  Make sure there are no leaves that have fallen into the water or are sitting in the water as bacteria can grow and shorten the life of the flower. 


5.    As time passes, give your flowers a facelift every couple of days by trimming the leaves and removing old petals.  To ensure long life of the flowers, be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight and away from heat.  Change the water and cut the stems every other day.  Roses can take from 12 to 48 hours to bloom.


6.    If bacteria gets into the water, roses can wilt.  To revive, cut the stem about 1 inch and place in hot water with a tsp of sugar and a tsp of bleach for about 5 hours.  They should perk back up.  You can then place them back in the original vase with fresh food and water.

Enjoy Your Roses!

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